Transaction Coordination

Let’s cover the basics.

This is a sample checklist of what we do for full transaction coordination. It will vary by state.

Here's a little more info about our transaction coordination options:

We believe it is mission-critical that professional transaction management of each sale is handled within strict controls and processes to ensure we are ensuring a smooth process and clean files for our customers. We also believe this service frees up our agents to focus on what they do best, list and sell homes.

CanZell Realty will provide in-house Transaction Management for all agents in each of the states we serve at no additional charge to the agent. Each agent can choose from one of three options:


You use our in-house transaction coordinator.

Services Provided:


You do your own transaction management for your file.

When your file closes, you will be reimbursed $200 at the closing. If a TC has to do any additional task, other than the QC checklist, you will forfeit the $200 reimbursement at closing

Services Provided by CANZELL:

Expectations of Agent:


You may hire your own TC.

They can be a licensed CanZell agent, or if you live in a state that allows you to use an unlicensed transaction coordinator, they must be approved by CanZell Senior management. Once your file closes, you may submit for reimbursement up to $200 to cover the cost of your transaction coordinator. You will need to upload proof of payment to your transaction coordinator in the form of either an hourly or salaried wage, or within the applicable laws of your state. ‚Äč

Services Provided by CANZELL:

Expectations of your hired TC:

The outside transaction coordinator must be licensed in any or all states in which licensing is required and they handle any coordination licensed with CanZell Realty. Should the state regulations not require licensing, the managing broker must obtain a signed statement from the TC outlining that they will not perform any tasks which require a license in the state of business.