Commission Splits and Fees

Divide and conquer! Earn commissions and split fees with your Canzell team members. Work together to create more revenue streams.

OVERVIEW of Compensation Plan

  • Agents who have reached a cap of $14k in company dollar are eligible to receive 100% of the commission.
  • Their team members will be eligible for the 100% once they contribute a “half-cap” or “quarter-cap” as applicable.
  • Company dollars that apply to the cap are on any closing in which you do not pay a referral fee to CR.
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Cap Deferment Plan

Cap deferments are for agents who have capped at their current brokerage and want to continue to receive full gross commission, without a commission split to CanZell Realty, on transactions they close.

This allows an agent to defer the annual cap requirement of $14,000 in company dollar paid to CanZell Realty from the total gross commission earned on all transactions closed by the agent before the agent achieves their capped status. CanZell Realty will retain the 80/20 split while the agent is in their approved cap deferment period.

All additional fees required under the ICA and Agent Manual will still be applicable to be paid during the cap deferment period in addition to the $100 broker review fee. Note: A cap deferment is not the same as achieving capped status and the benefits of that status, like stock rewards, etc.

A cap deferment may only be granted for agents who have not completed the onboarding process with CanZell Realty and a cap deferment will not be granted retroactively, meaning it will not be granted after an agent has completed the onboarding process.

The agent will receive a join date, and an anniversary date after they complete the onboarding process, and agent that has been granted a cap deferment will also receive a cap reset date which will be determined by the anniversary date at their previous brokerage, but will always be set as the first date of the following calendar month.

The cap deferment period will begin on the agents join date and continue up to, but not through, the cap reset date. On the cap reset date, the agent will begin paying the company dollar as outlined in the ICA and Agent Manual.

Let's look at an example. An agent joins CanZell on May 20th. They were capped at the previous brokerage until November 1st. This is what their dates would look like:

Join Date: May 20th
Anniversary Date: June 1st
Cap Reset Date: November 1st

The cap deferment will start on May 20th and will end on October 31st.  The agents company dollar requirement will reset annually on November 1st.

Cap Deferment Application


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