Mission and
Core Values

This full online resource has everything you need to know about becoming an agent with CANZELL Realty and what life is like at our company!


To change the lives of the communities we serve through abundant giving.


  1. Think win/win.
  2. Be A Go Getter.
  3. Follow Up & Follow Through.
  4. Address Issues Head On.
  5. Do The Right Thing.
  6. Let your Yes be Yes and No be No.
  7. Drive the bus, land the plane.

Is CanZell a Christian-based or Faith-based company? 

Sometimes, people ask if CanZell Realty is an exclusively Christian-based company or a faith-based company. The truth is we are an “all-are-welcome” brokerage. We welcome every walk of life at CanZell, all different religions, no religion, you name it. Anyone can join, and we all come together for the common goal of serving our clients, and communities to the best of our ability. Our main and common goal is to serve the communities through abundant giving and put our clients needs above our own!

Questions we ask:

  1. Does it “Wow” our customers and team members?
  2. Will it provide a consistent & repeatable experience?
  3. Does it stop production?