Awards & Capping Reward Program

Join Canzell each year for an amazing award ceremony. Earn stock ownership during the year based on performance.

Yearly Awards

Each year, CanZell Realty will pick a location to hold their national awards ceremony. Each agent will have the option to purchase tickets to attend a weekend of fun and recognition.

Cap Rewards

cap rewards2

Influencer Program

CANZELL Realty celebrates all our agents while highlighting those who achieve exceptional sales transaction numbers and exemplify our core values. We recognize agents by offering them the opportunity to earn Influencer status. Influencer status is reserved for those agents who cap and close 30 or more transactions during their anniversary year and operate in alignment with our core values.

Influencer Production Requirements:

Any agent who pays a full cap is eligible for consideration for Influencer status when one of

the following is met per anniversary year.

1. Paid CANZELL Realty annual cap (currently $14,000)


2. Close 30 transactions

Influencer Agent Award:

Once and agent has hit Influencer status, they are eligible for their additional $6000 in company stock issued by CR Global Holdings. This is a common stock which vests after 3 years and stock will be issued and released as long as Influencer Agent remains licensed exclusively with CANZELL Realty during the three-year vesting mark. They will remain in Influencer status for the following anniversary year, and each year thereafter as long as they teach their required monthly class and continue to hit the Influencer production requirements.

Shares will be added to the monthly company release once Influencer has submitted their class contribution request. Influencer will be awarded a maximum of $500 in stock per month for approved classes taught for a total of $6000 in ownership stock during their Influencer benefit year. These requests for approval must be submitted no later than the 5th of the month following the class that was taught in order to be eligible to receive the stock award. If they do not request it, or do not teach a class during a month, they will not receive the stock for that month.


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