Next Steps

Welcome aboard! Let’s go over the next steps to your success with CANZELL

Agent Checklist

We’ll double check your W9 from the Onboarding Process is correct.

Setup your email on your computer and phone.

Get your email signature set up! Stay professional.

Let’s have a one-on-one 15-minute phone call.

Check your email for training info! 

We’ll get you squared away with MLS Paperwork.

Send your paperwork and payment to your state board for approval and finalization.

Make sure you upload a high-quality, professional headshot with a white background.

Our accounting team will verify your ACH information for E&O.

Login to get your KVCORE account set up.

Login to get your Opcity account set up.

Sign into your new SkySlope account.

Setup your OptionTrax account after you receive an email invitation. 

Sign into your new Workplace by Meta account.

Sign into your new Slack account.

Make sure to order your business cards.

Make sure to order your name tag.

Like us on Facebook so you can keep up to date with our public posts.

Attend the Onboarding Class on Mondays at 2pm EST.

Get started with training to assure your success with CANZELL.

Take your final review quiz.

Watch the Brokermint and SkySlope training.

Are you going to need an office space near you to work? Did you sign your Regus docs?  

Work with your broker to make sure your license came in and is posted in your state’s broker office.

Do you have any active listings? We’ll need to transfer them! 

Do you have any active contracts? We’ll need to transfer them! 

Meet with your managing partner and managing broker.

If you’re a new agent with under 4 transactions, we’ll pair you with a mentor.

Management Checklist

Did you complete agent onboarding?

Did you complete leadership ICA?​
Have you completed training?​
Has your license been transferred/new firm set up if they are a new broker in a new state?​
Have you set up the MLS/Realtor Association in their area – if a new area for CanZell?

We’ll add you to the management Email Group so you can keep up to date with all management-related things.

Accept your calendar invite to the Management Weekly meeting

  • Expected to be on the Management Call 3 out of 4 weeks minimum

Accept your calendar invite to the National Call for Tuesday at 12pm EST Weekly meeting

  • Expected to attend every Tuesday
Hold an agent success meeting with your agents in your circle directly after the call at 12:30pm EST
Notify upper management when your weekly contract class scheduled for the agents in your state/circle.

Get familiar with your Zoom channels at CANZELL.

Check out our recruiting scripts and training.

Review all of our frequently asked questions.